Hybrii® Solutions / Hybrii-Mini GV7013

Greenvity's Hybrii® technology with multi-standards provides reliable and robust connectivity to smart energy management application devices and systems.

Hybrii®-Mini Solution: GV7013

Best-in-class single chip solution of HomePlug Green PHY suitable for cost sensitive smart LED lighting and Home Automation

Hybrii-Mini™, GV7013, a highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) that supports HomePlug Green PHY (HPGP) Powerline Communication with various system interfaces, including SPI, GSPI and PWM for LED lighting control. GV7013 integrates AFE, Baseband, MAC, and high performance 8-bit micro controller with embedded memories.

The Hybrii-Mini GV7013 enables intelligent LED lighting over long distances for various types of commercial, residential and public LED lighting applications, including lamps, fixtures, panels and bulbs. The GV7013 also can ensure robust and reliable two-way communication for outdoor lighting such as controlled street lighting and digital signage applications. In residential or building environments, the Hybrii-Mini PLC offers longer range and larger coverage by communicating through multiple walls and floors—a capability that would be a challenge for wireless solutions due to significant signal loss through concrete objects.

GV 7013

GV 7013

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Evaluation Kit: GV7013-EVK

The Evaluation Kit of Hybrii-Mini chip (GV7013-EVK) is available.

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