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ASIC Design & Customization Services

Fast Time-to-Market


Specialized in RF / Analog

Mixed-Signal and SoC

At Greenvity Communications, we are dedicated to designing, developing, and producing cutting-edge semiconductor chips for our customers. We specialize in RF, Analog, Mixed-Signal, digital signal processing, and embedded firmware for wireless and powerline communication (PLC) chips.


We cover wide range of applications, including automotive, electric vehicle charging communication, and wireless IoT. Our commitment to innovation and quality has earned us a top position in the industry, and we are proud to be driving our field forward.

Technology IP Licensing

Reduce R&D Cost Significantly

Wireless and Powerline Communication (PLC)

We license IP’s to save you time and development cost. Our IP’s include chips and functional blocks that have been proven working in silicon.

- HomePlug Green PHY powerline communication (HPGP PLC): for automotive, electric vehicles (EV), EV charging system and other industrial applications.

- ZigBee wireless (based on IEEE 802.15.4 2.4Ghz standard): smart home, smart meter, smart building/industrial and M2M.

- Sub-Gigahz RF (programmable 400Mhz – 1Ghz, support OFDM): smart city and smart meter.

- Other RF and Mixed-Signal functional blocks including ADC, DAC, LNA and PA.

We license IP for system-on-chip

Wireless and Powerline Communication Technologies

Home Plug Green PHY (HPGP PLC)

Electric Vehicle Charging Communication, Automotive, 

Smart Home, Smart Building

HPGP is based on Combined Charging System (CCS) standard and ISO 15118 standard. We license total solution including Analog Front End (AFE), PHY, MAC and embedded Firmware.

ZigBee 2.4Ghz

Smart Home, Smart Meter, Smart Building, Energy Management, Industrial and M2M

We license a complete solution including RF, baseband and embedded firmware.

Sub-Gigahz RF (400Mhz - 1Ghz)

Smart Home, Smart Meter, Smart Building, Energy Management, Industrial and M2M

We license Sub-Gigahz RF transceivers that support OFDM with programmable frequency bands from 400Mhz to 1Ghz.

RF, Mixed-Signal and Signal Processing Blocks for SoC integration




Power Amplifier (PA)

Turbo Code for error correction


Greenvity Communications

Electric Car Charging Station

Greenvity Communications has been a leading provider of quality ASIC design and customization services to semiconductor companies worldwide since 2011. With our expertise in RF, analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing, wireless, and powerline communication, we create customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We take pride in our reputation for excellence and our commitment to innovation and quality.

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